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100,000 Year Old Neanderthal Artifacts Found in Britain

Ancient flint meat-cutting tools found in sediment along a highway in Dartford, Kent, prove Neanderthals were present in Britain before the beginning of the last ice age (and possibly before the previous two or three cold periods or interglacials), when the British Isles were joined to mainland Europe due to low sea levels. The find pushes back the earliest known evidence for Neanderthals in England by 40,000 years, according to a June 1 report in the Daily Mail headlined “Neanderthal Man Was Alive in Britain at Start of Ice Age.

Secrets of the Anasazi

Why You Do Not Have (and Don’t Want) Enemy Ancestors

When I first visited Chaco Canyon in northern New Mexico I got a creepy feeling. Who were these people? The staff, mostly Navajo and not descendants of the original inhabitants of the site, said they were the Anasazi, a Navajo term meaning “enemy ancestors.” When I pressed for more answers, I was told they belonged to the Chaco Culture. They were Chacoans.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at American Colleges

To Do DNA or Not to Do DNA?

Much Ado about Nothing

American education is in such a state of decline and confusion that the following new program, with all its pros and cons, seems tantamount to a mad hatter’s tea party. We reproduce a description of it from Nature in all its carefully nuanced and agonizing detail.

Plato Prehistorian and Geneticist

Mary Settegast is described on the jacket simply as an archeological researcher, the 20-year-old book being Plato Prehistorian; 10,000 to 5,000 B.C. Myth, Religion, Archaeology(Hudson:  Lindisfarne, 1990). It’s obvious she is not a member of the entrenched academic community of archeologists and prehistorians, for she spends most of the introduction to her fascinating study inveighing against the Old Model and New Archeology and defending the value of myth.

Most Humans Part Neanderthal

The bombshell arrived with the May 7, 2010 issue of Science Magazine. Entitled “A Draft Sequence of the Neandertal Genome,” it presented the years-long attempt of an international team of scientists to derive DNA from ancient female Neanderthal bones and determine if there was any genetic overlap with humans. The news was so sensational that the journal made the original scientific report and all collateral materials free to everyone, along with a podcast, multimedia presentation “The Neandertal Genome” and slew of links and forums for comments.

Archeology from Non-Archeology

The explosion in commercial archaeology has brought a flood of information. The problem now is figuring out how to find and use this unpublished literature, reports Matt Ford in the current issue of Nature magazine.

“I became aware that what I was teaching would be out of date without looking at the grey literature (unpublished reports),” says one professor at the University of Reading in England.

Autosomal DNA Testing is Newest Wave

DNA Consultants’ 18 Marker Ethnic Panel Reveals Native American, Jewish, Other Hard-to-Find Lines in Your Family Tree. PHOENIX – (April 7, 2010) – The market leader in autosomal DNA testing for ancestry, DNA Consultants announced that it has introduced the latest enhancement to its DNA Fingerprint Test™ ancestry tool. The add-on to its popular all-in-one ancestry tracing product is called the 18 Marker Ethnic Panel and sells for $50.00.