Native American DNA Test

Native American DNA Test

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Unless your mother (and her mother’s mother’s mother etc.) is American Indian (type A, B, C, D, E or X, rarely others like U and J), this test is not right for you. See instead the DNA Fingerprint Test, which has been found to be the most sensitive DNA test available for “hidden” or small amounts of Native American ancestry.

Are you searching for your Native American roots? Do you want to find genealogy information on your Native American clan or nation? This report reveals your American Indian family’s deep history if your mother is directly descended through the female line from a Native American woman. Our Native American DNA product tests both Hypervariable Regions I and II and discovers your gene type based on matches with genetic samples in the Mitochondrial DNA Concordance as well as other little-known research databases. Our World-Match report can also suggest tribal affiliation. As with other tests, you receive an easy-to-use DNA test kit by Priority Mail and mail it back to our lab in the postage-paid envelop. After your sample has been processed, your DNA test scores are analyzed and matched. You get a comprehensive report along with a description of your mother’s Native American female haplogroup frequency in modern-day tribal groups and nations. . . also of course, the latest literature on Native American DNA as well as suggestions for further reading.

May be taken by male or female. Includes DNA test, sequencing of Hypervariable Regions I and I, comprehensive Native American family history report, and certificate of testing.

Total turn-around time:  about three to four weeks.

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