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DNA Fingerprint Test Plus 18 Marker Ethnic Panel

Our best-selling autosomal test analyzes your entire ancestry with matches to populations around the world, plus running an 18 Marker Ethnic Panel. Our most popular.

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Price: $279.00

Jewish DNA Fingerprint Plus Test

Our exclusive test for Jewish roots and all the rest of your ancestry, including European countries of origin. As seen on TV.

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Price: $298.00

Native American DNA Fingerprint Plus Test

Native American version of our most popular, gives you all your ancestry and highlights the Native American.

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Price: $299.00

Melungeon DNA Fingerprint Plus

Get the Melungeon version of the DNA Fingerprint Plus. Full ancestry analysis.

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Price: $300.00

Premium Combo DNA Test

Combine our Premium Female and Male tests for the most extensive analysis on both your Y-Chromosome and mitochondrial DNA, compared to the world’s leading DNA data.

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Price: $539.00

Premium Male DNA Test Y-DNA Promo

Test 25 markers on your Y-chromosome to understand the history of your surname, and your male line (back through your father’s father’s father’s… and so on).

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Price: $249.00

Premium Female DNA Test mtDNA

Analyzing the DNA mitochondrial of male or female has been the reference to understand the decent matrilineal for the earliest humans to the present.

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Price: $339.00

Cherokee DNA Test

Test to see if you have any Cherokee ancestry.

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Price: $99.00

EURO DNA Fingerprint Test

The only DNA test that gives you your top European countries.

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Price: $99.00