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Archeology from Non-Archeology

The explosion in commercial archaeology has brought a flood of information. The problem now is figuring out how to find and use this unpublished literature, reports Matt Ford in the current issue of Nature magazine.

“I became aware that what I was teaching would be out of date without looking at the grey literature (unpublished reports),” says one professor at the University of Reading in England.

Autosomal DNA Testing is Newest Wave

DNA Consultants’ 18 Marker Ethnic Panel Reveals Native American, Jewish, Other Hard-to-Find Lines in Your Family Tree. PHOENIX – (April 7, 2010) – The market leader in autosomal DNA testing for ancestry, DNA Consultants announced that it has introduced the latest enhancement to its DNA Fingerprint Test™ ancestry tool. The add-on to its popular all-in-one ancestry tracing product is called the 18 Marker Ethnic Panel and sells for $50.00.

Book Review: The Language of Life by Francis Collins

Nature 463/298-299 (21 January 2010)

Abdallah S. Daar in reviewing this new book by NIH director Francis Collins maintains that “we have entered the era of rapid, inexpensive genetic testing and genome sequencing” and must simply come to terms with the phenomenon of personal genomics and consumer genetics.

Hunter Gatherer DNA from the Don

The successful extraction of ancient DNA has been a rare accomplishment in genetic circles until recently. In the journal Current Biology, a German-Russian team details how it was possible to avoid the common pitfalls of contamination with modern human DNA in the instance of a 30,000 year-old hunter gatherer’s grave in Russia.

Bradshaw Foundation, Stephen Oppenheimer, INORA

Bradshaw Foundation

A Phoenix business contact recently turned me on to the most fascinating website I have yet encountered devoted to prehistoric times and the migrations of humans. Named after the age-old and stunning Bradshaw rock art inscriptions in Australia, the Bradshaw Foundation focuses on rock art around the world and the brilliant discoveries of Oxford geneticist Stephen Oppenheimer.

Confirms Beachcomber Route to Asia out of Africa

Other Companies Must Revise Their Human Migration Maps
Since Stephen Oppenheimer’s The Real Eve suggested that the main out-of-Africa migration of humans proceeded across the mouth of the Gulf of Suez and around the coasts of Arabia, India and Southeast Asia (the “beachcomber route”), controversy has raged about the origin of Asians, whether they split off from the first out-of-Africa groups, sometimes called macro-haplogroup M, in the north central Asian highlands or the Middle East or elsewhere.