The time traveler’s Suitcase podcast

Explore the interface between history, archeology and ancient DNA.

The Time Traveler’s Suitcase is a monthly podcast from DNA Consultants. The show is hosted by talk radio professional Pete Ferrand. Most of the episodes include an audiobook excerpt from the publications of Donald N. Yates, a DNA investigator and historian whose works include Old Souls in a New World, Merchant Adventurers of Rhoda and The Cherokee Origin Narrative. Each usually also has an interview with a leading scientist or historical expert.

Armenians and Others on the Cherokee Frontier

Armenians, free blacks, mulattoes, Arabs, Moors, Cannibal Indian tribes and Christian missionaries occupy the Cherokee hinterland in 1680. This is the second episode in our ongoing series titled “More Cherokee Descendants Who Proved the Geneticists Wrong.

Surprising Lineages of the Cherokees

Participants in DNA Consultants’ Cherokee DNA Studies proved to have other lineages than just haplogroup A, B, C, D and sometimes X. The participants’ nonstandard maternal lines confirm the incredible diversity of Cherokees and suggest that various clans came by water from the Old World, not across a hypothetical land-bridge from Asia.

Kangaroos among the Cherokee

Meet the Kangaroos of Native American DNA. Host Pete Ferrand reads from a chapter in Real People Who Proved the Geneticists Wrong about the so-called “anomalous” Cherokees who don’t fit an ABC definition of American Indian.