Confidentiality, Fulfillment and Return Policy

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DISCLAIMER: The DNA Fingerprint Plus family of products are probabilistic predictions of ancestry for personal knowledge only. Each has a non-chain of custody form of testing and is not intended for legal or official purposes. Results may or may not confirm expected ethnic composition, family history or genealogical determinations. Alone, no test may be used to prove identity, biological relationships, nationality, citizenship, immigration or tribal enrollment. The Primeval DNA Test family of products is also for personal knowledge only and may or may not agree with information provided by other testing or published elsewhere or private.

DNA Consultants will treat all information in customer orders, correspondence and uploads as strictly confidential and privileged. It will only be used by DNA Consultants personnel to fulfill the customer’s orders or improve product quality. All information supplied to our clients in the reports you order is completely private and “for your eyes only” as our client. DNA Consultants does not maintain publicly accessible genealogical or genetic data linked to a client’s personal information or name, nor do we exchange any of our data with others. Once your product is shipped to you or posted to your account, you are solely responsible for its further use. Within the restrictions of copyright law, you may share your report with others and even publish it.

We will respond to your order and send you your sample collection kit within one business day by overnight FedEx courier or USPS Priority Mail. You may pay by credit card (AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, VISA, PayPal and EURO are accepted), personal check or money order. Make out checks to DNA Consultants. Do not send cash through the mail. We do not accept purchase orders. Our charge card orders are handled by a secure server in which you can have complete confidence. You may e-mail us, call us or write to us about special requests and handling. Your order is processed once you place it and your financial institution may report it “shipped” once your payment has been posted. “Merchant DNA Consultants” will appear on your email receipt for credit card orders. You may not receive a refund or reverse the charge made on your credit card once you have returned your sample to the lab and it goes into processing and fulfillment.

DNA Fingerprint orders are fulfilled in about three to four weeks from the time of the receipt of your specimen at the lab. Primeval DNA uploads to accounts are fulfilled instantly online. Sample collection kits for Primeval DNA testing services are shipped by USPS Priority Mail within one business day. Results may not be available until 6-8 weeks after receipt of the sample by the lab, or even later, as the testing procedure is a lengthy one. For DNA Fingerprint orders, a report is sent as a pdf document attachment to the email address you gave us when ordering. For a fee, you may also receive a paper copy printed in color.

All the information provided by our staff is as accurate, thorough, and up-to-date as possible. Information supplied to you as the end-user in one of our confidential reports is not liable for revision, recall, or continuing updates but is provided “for pay” and “as is,” without any warranty.



If after receiving your end report, you are dissatisfied with the quality or accuracy of our information, you may, at the sole and exclusive discretion of DNA Consultants, receive a remedy in the form of a revised report upon notifying us in writing, i.e. by email or snail mail. The remedy is not to include any additional labwork, and the value of the remedy is not to exceed the price of your purchase. Resolution of your complaint is deemed complete in our sole and exclusive judgment.

DNA Consultants provides information services that are professional and reliable according to the state of population statistics, genealogical standards and genetics science. We do not provide legal or medical services. No product is intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. DNA Consultants is not responsible for the opinions expressed by others in the literature cited or linked to on our Web pages.

DNA Consultants operates as a worldwide Internet store for consumers, with professional offices domiciled in the United States and subject to the U.S. Commercial Code, ordinances of the city of Longmont, Colorado and laws of the state of Colorado. Its parent company is DNA Testing Systems, L.L.C., a Colorado corporation. The company was founded in 2003. Dun and Bradstreet 169045791.

DNA Consultants is proud to be partly Native American Indian owned and operated!

Revised DECEMBER 10, 2018