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Haplogroup B and Water Clan Symbols

Native Hawaiians and Native Americans. Part One

In a previous post, “On the Trail of Spider Woman,” we suggested that petroglyphs in Arizona and Utah with female goddess symbolism and birthing ceremonies were connected with the Hohokam (“Sea Peoples”) and other Indians who followed in their wake, corresponding to archeology and anthropology’s Basketmaker Culture.

Filipinos, Negritos and Austronesians

The Y-chromosome landscape of the Philippines: extensive heterogeneity and varying genetic affinities of Negrito and non-Negrito groups
Frederick Delfin1,2, Jazelyn M Salvador1, Gayvelline C Calacal1, Henry B Perdigon1, Kristina A Tabbada1, Lilian P Villamor1, Saturnina C Halos1, Ellen Gunnarsdóttir2, Sean Myles1,6, David A Hughes2, Shuhua Xu3, Li Jin3, Oscar Lao4, Manfred Kayser4, Matthew E Hurles5, Mark Stoneking2 and Maria Corazon A De Ungria1

On the Trail of Spider Woman

Thoughts about the origin of mitochondrial haplogroup B and Mother Earth symbolism among the Hopi, Zuni, Hohokam, Fremont Indians and others
I got a holiday present from my wife of an unusual little book titled On the Trail of Spider Woman. Petroglyphs, Pictographs, and Myths of the Southwest, by Carol Patterson-Rudolph (Santa Fe:  Ancient City Press, 1997). Putting this intriguing study together with a travel book by David Hatcher Childress, my son and I took a 4-day road trip into the homeland of the Indians credited with having the first civilization in the Southwest, a settled town life marked by desert agriculture, canals, pottery, baskets, ballcourts, plazas and adobe pueblos, pithouses and kivas.

Is Evolution Still Occurring? In New York? London?

What Happens When ‘Pressure of Natural Selection’ Ceases?Maybe I do not understand “classic Darwinism,” but I am puzzled by the claims of numerous articles in leading scientific journals that evolutionary change in human beings is “accelerating.”