18 Marker Ethnic Panel

18 Marker Ethnic Panel

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The 18 Marker Ethnic Panel checks your lab report for 18 distinctive numerical values scattered through your genetic material. These markers were discovered by DNA Consultants and have been linked to early human migrations branching out of Africa into Asia, Native America and Europe, as shown on our map. The 18 Marker Ethnic Panel has been part of the results given in the DNA Fingerprint Plus since August 2009.

Note: This product can only be added to the DNA Fingerprint Test. It cannot be ordered as a stand-alone test unless you already have your DNA fingerprint test results (CODIS marker scores). If you need a test with it consider the New Ethnic Marker Test Only $99

Your report will tell you if you have the marker from one parent, from both, or from neither. It is not possible to say which parent you get a marker from–that is up to you to decide. And the fact that you do not have a marker does not mean that you lack that ancestry.

Order the 18 Marker Ethnic Marker with your DNA Fingerprint Test (making a Plus) or separately if you have already taken the test or have your CODIS markers from another lab.

The 18 Marker Test is the basis for our Native American DNA Test and Jewish DNA Test.

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