New Basic Haplotype Test Is “Must-Have” for DNA Mavens


Founder and Principal Investigator Dr. Donald Yates is known for his media interviews on American Indians and Jews.

LONGMONT, Colo. – (June 11, 2024) – It has been said, “Every part of DNA has meaning… if only we could read it.” With the Basic Haplotype Test, we are beginning to read as never before the previously neglected variations of genetic material. Many of these variations, or alleles, or haplotypes were thought neutral in nature–place holding or junk DNA. But the stories alleles are now divulging are nothing short of fascinating. The new industry-first is a “must-have” for the serious ancestry enthusiast.

Haplotypes are not just a scientific term; they are a window into your past, a connection to the very strands of DNA that make you unique. A haplotype is a group of genes inherited from a single parent, closely linked on the same chromosome, and typically passed down together through generations. This precise configuration of DNA variations, or alleles, offers an invaluable tool for anyone looking to delve into their genetic ancestry.

Haplotypes are especially critical in ancestry testing because they change very little across generations. They provide direct insights into your deep ancestral roots, showing connections to ancient populations and migration patterns that have shaped the human race. It’s not just about looking back—it’s about understanding how these journeys have influenced who you are today.

“These are autosomal  haplotypes similar to mitochondrial or Y chromsome haplotypes, or haplogroups, only they are more personal and private,” said Donald Yates, chief scientific officer. “They show we are all related and have a common world genetic heritage that includes such prehistoric origins as a sunken continent named Sunda in Island Indonesia and the ancient Sea People, known in Mexico as the Zoque.”

The full Basic Haplotype Test comes with its own DNA test. If you have taken any of the company’s autosomal tests before, however, you do not have to be resampled but can upgrade without having to buy another test.

Either way, during the product’s prelaunch period customers receive a complimentary copy of Martin Jones’ Unlocking the Pastone of the best books on how ancient DNA is rewriting human history.

One of the oldest genetic testing resources, DNA Consultants was started by the husband and wife team of Donald and Teresa Yates, former professors with exotic ancestry themselves, in 2003. The company takes a forensic approach to people’s ethnic composition, matching them to present-day reference populations.

For instance, if you get a strong match to Choctaw Indians (one of 70 tribal populations in the company’s database), you share some ancestry with Choctaw Indians. No one can say how much, or wager a percentage, though detailed genealogical research can suggest an approximate amount.

DNA Consultants differs from other companies in basing its comparisons on available published data in forensic science journals, not customer records. All its reports are confidential; nothing is shared with others.

For more information, see All Populations, Donald Yates’ Amazon author page and atDNA.