Oaxaca Indians Added to Database

Teresa Panther-Yates, company vice president and part-Cherokee, poses with a Mixtec woman at an artisan marketplace in Oaxaca City during the Guelaguetza Festival earlier this year. Photograph © 2023 Donald Yates.

The addition of 361 anonymous donors’ STR profiles from 11 indigenous populations in Mexico’s State of Oaxaca marks a major advance in Native American ancestry testing at DNA Consultants. The new reference populations were reported in an important study in Human Biology from 2010 by the team of Consuelo D. Quinto-Cortés at the Universidad Nacional de Mexico in Cuernavaca, where, coincidentally, DNA Consultants recently opened its Mexico office.

The 11 populations representing the region’s pre-Hispanic genetic diversity are Amuzgo (San Pedro Amuzgos), Chinanteco (San Lucas Ojitlan), Chontal (Morro de Mazatlan), Huave (San Dionisio del Mar), Mazateco (San Felipe Jalapa de Diaz), Mixe (San Pedro y San Pablo Ayutla), Mixteco (Santiago Juxtlahuaca), Triqui (San Juan Copala), Zapoteco del Istmo (Ciudad Ixtepec), Zapoteco del Valle (Magdalena Teitipac) and Zoque (Santa Maria Chimalapa).

STR profiles are at the heart of the DNA Fingerprint family of products introduced nearly 20 years ago by DNA Consultants, comprising the best-known forensic ancestry tests on the market today. Unlike other companies, DNA Consultants uses public database information available in professional forensic science journals, never private data, proprietary algorithms or customer testing results.

The company’s method and sources are thus completely transparent, duplicatable and reliable, said Donald N. Yates, Ph.D., founder and chief scientific officer.


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