Basic Haplotype Test Upgrade. Report-Only Version

Basic Haplotype Test Upgrade. Report-Only Version

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Our Basic Haplotype Test Upgrade is the report-only version of our newly introduced Haplotype DNA Test, designed for those who have already embarked on their genetic journey with us. This upgrade is particularly suited for the most dedicated DNA and ancestry enthusiasts, offering a deeper dive into the unique genetic configurations previously uncovered.

Haplotypes represent more than just genetic markers; they are central to our understanding of genetic heritage. These sets of genes, inherited from a single parent and linked on the same chromosome, are typically passed down unchanged through generations, making them vital tools for ancestral research. By focusing on these specific genetic sequences, our clients can gain insights into the distinct paths their ancestors traveled.

The stability of haplotypes across generations makes them invaluable for tracing deep ancestry. They allow for the identification of connections to ancient populations, revealing migration patterns and helping to construct a comprehensive view of one’s genetic background.

Secure your Basic Haplotype Test Upgrade by the end of June, and you’re not just purchasing early access to your results, which will be available after our official launch on July 1; you’ll also receive a special bonus free Kindle edition of “Unlocking the Past” — valued at $9.99, one of the best books on ancient DNA.