Native American Wit and Wisdom: Words in the Wind

Native American Wit and Wisdom: Words in the Wind

It all began in 1998 with Donald and Teresa Yates’s genealogy website “Lost Indian Tribes Southeast.” Fifteen years later, Panther’s Lodge, as the site was called, became a publisher of books about American Indians. The Big Little Book of Native American Wit and Wisdom, compiled by Anna Kolouthon was one of the first produced, and it was followed by an audiobook version narrated by Robert B. Rees. Now comes a video podcast hosted by Pete Ferrand with highlights like “Being Indian Is,” by J.C. High Eagle, Chief Two White Feather’s Advice, “Remarks on Native American Religion” and the Native American Ten Commandments. Special video footage includes an 1895 Sioux Buffalo Dance performance shot by William K.L. Dickson and part of the Shungopavi Buffalo Dance on January 16, 2009, taped by Hopi student Kelly Kessay.

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  1. Malinda Lee King-Snyder

    Alaska Native American Aleutian Indian migrated to United Kingdom she met Chief Sam Chapman who I believe they called him Chief Powhatan Sarah Ah-wai-muh-hut-up-hah migrated to United Kingdom she is now married to Chief Powhatan Sam Chapman)they moved to Virginia USA Powhatan Virginia USA they had a child her name was Carrie Ellen Chapman the first (1) Born in Virginia Beach USA Powhatan Tribe 1881 then had Sarah Ah-wai-muh-hut-up-hah -Chapman had another daughter her name was Sarah Ah-wai-muh-hut-up-hah -Chapman the second (2) and then they had a son his name was Sam Chapman JR. the Second (2) Sam Chapman sr.said he is Tobe the next Powhatan Chief and he was but he lived a lot of women could not settle down until one day he did but he had many children and one of them gave him a son his namewas William Chapman he was a half Native Indian Aleutian Alaska Native Indian and Powhatan Virginia USA Powhatan Tribe Oklahoma Powhatan Eastern Cherokee Powhatan Sarah Chapman the second met him and they had children how many I don’t know one is Lydia Chapman and Elsie King Born Chapman William Chapman he was a handsome Blue eye’s but a warrior he was Sarah Chapman the second 2 she migrated to United States California USA she met William Billy Huston and they married and they had a child her name was Carrie Ellen Chapman the second (2)

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