Genealogist Donald Yates Uncovers Secrets of Cherokee DNA


In an interview by Emily Frances, host of the Israeli news show “Holy Land Uncovered,” author and DNA investigator Donald Yates discusses his own family traditions, which combine Cherokee, Choctaw and Sephardic Jewish roots.



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  1. I remember hearing my aunt my dad sister speak of Cherokee in our family and I happened to take the test along with a cousin of mine and lo and behold we show Cherokee I think it’s really neat when you not only hear the stories but showing the proof of those stories

  2. I just saw an interview with you and when I heard Yates and Georgia I knew we were related. I can’t afford to test my DNA at this time. My wife is actually looking at my heritage and I’m discovered we are cousins. I guess the marrying your 8th cousin once removed and also my 10th cousin. If we had known that it would have been easier because she was already accepted by the family 😹

  3. Mr. Yates,
    You really should listen to what you stated in the podcast. You say the Cherokee came from the Pacific Ocean in one sentence then say there was no relativity between Indians and Siberia – no land bridge?? This is about as bad as your nefarious article about Cher and I refuse to read anymore of your silliness.

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