DNA Identities and the Wardrobe of the Soul

A genetic genealogist discusses the evolving state of DNA testing.

Pete Ferrand interviews adoptee Jan Franz, a Seneca and Cherokee descendant, on the foibles, wonders and personal revelations of DNA testing, from the Human Genome Project to the advent of ancient DNA.




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  1. Great episode! My experience with DNAC is quite similar, and completely positive.
    When I was first tested over 10 years ago, I was convinced many of my matches, especially the South Asian and East Asian matches were false positives misidentifying my native American genetics. Years of detailed genealogical research showed that DNAC’s analysis was accurate, and the paper trail matches the genes.
    As genealogists, DNAC is the only testing service we recommend to clients.

    Brian Wilkes

    • Hello Brian, What is your company name for genealogy? Been thinking of getting professional help on at least one line of my tree.
      Thank you.

  2. “Joyce Rheal, Genealogist.” You can find the page on Facebook.
    Sometimes a new set of eyes on the problem helps, sometimes it’s a different problem-solving approach to break through a wall, or at least go around it!

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