Native American Upgrade

Native American DNA Fingerprint Test Plus 18 Marker Ethnic Panel (UPGRADE)

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This gives you the Native American update to our exclusive, best-selling DNA Fingerprint Test, based on the atDNA 10.2 database once you have received your Native American DNA Fingerprint Plus results. There is no need to send another sample or retest. It examines all your ancestral lines at once, Native and non-Native, including European, to tell you which countries and ethnic groups your ancestors came from.  The Native American tribes and population matches, markers and metapopulation frequency index confirm, within the limitations of our data:

  • What Indian tribes you have the most affinity with
  • Which Native American markers you have and how many of them
  • How common or rare your DNA profile is in American Indians

Our database contains over 60 North American indigenous populations explicitly defined as Native American, some labeled with tribal names, some not, plus Melungeon, Hispanic and other related populations. The populations U.S. Cherokee Admixed (n=62) and (n=92) were added in 2014 and 2017, and U.S. Cherokee Enrolled (n=33) in 2018, respectively. These matches are available nowhere else.

The test and ethnic panel also detail any European, Middle Eastern, African or Asian ancestry. You receive your top twenty matches from different European countries or parts of countries, plus your full European database index showing how European or non-European you are by ancestry.

Powered by atDNA 10.2

On the basis of your existing test results from the simple product, your sample is analyzed against 16 standard STR markers, also called CODIS markers. Your values for 15 of these genetic systems are compared with the database known as atDNA 102, developed by our population experts.

Our database contains over 20 North American indigenous populations explicitly defined as Native American, some labeled with tribal names, some not, plus Melungeon and other related populations. It takes about six to eight weeks once we receive your order. Your beautiful map and certificate is delivered by email as a pdf file, unless you also choose to purchase a high-quality color print out to be mailed to you.

The 18 Marker Ethnic Panel checks your lab report for 18 distinctive numerical values scattered through your genetic material. These markers were discovered by DNA Consultants. They have been linked to early human migrations branching out of Africa into Asia, Native America and Europe  as shown on our map.

Your report tells you if you have a Native American marker from one parent, from both, or from neither. It is not possible to say which parent you get a marker from–that is up to you to decide! And the fact that you do not have a marker does not mean that you lack that ancestry. Read about autosomal markers.