Cherokee DNA Studies II

Cherokee DNA Studies II: More Real People Who Proved the Geneticists Wrong

By Donald N. Yates and Teresa A. Yates

Cherokee DNA Studies IIPhase III of DNA Consultants’ Cherokee DNA Studies adds more than fifty new participants to what has become a classic project. They’d all been told there was no way they could be Indian, given their DNA haplotype. This book underlines the conclusion that most pre-Columbian “Indian” lineages in Eastern North America originally came across the Atlantic Ocean, not over any land-bridge from Asia. Update your priors with this sweeping attack on “big box” companies and know-it-all experts. Includes historical photographs, genealogies, graphs, charts, references, index and raw data.


Stephen C. Jett

Author of Ancient Ocean Crossings


“Personal, persuasive and powerful.”

Jacques Soiret, Internationally Recognized Trial Lawyer


“An intellectual adventure of high color and importance!”

Dr. Douglas Schar

Author of Thirty Plants That Can Save Your Life



Mixed Results11
Ragusans, Croats and Turks32
Revisiting Haplogroups55
Scandinavians, Polynesians, Phoenicians, Berbers and Egyptians75
The Ancient Indian Nations96
Iztacans and Oghuzians118
The Odin Gene, or Why Some Cherokees Have Blond Hair137
Croatan Indians and Others159
In the Kingdom of the Apalachites177
The Jewish Strain199
The Invention of the Cherokee People219
The Finnish Connection: U5242
Letter from Abraham Wood to John Richards, August 22, 1674  The Travels of James Needham and Gabriel Arthur through Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia and Beyond265
Some Genealogies
I. McFarlin Ancestors in North Georgia274
II. Teresa A. Yates’s Matriline (U5b): Lily-white or Whitewashed?276
III. Dorene Gound Soiret: Ancestry Report to Chief Cornstalk through Bluesky Cornstalk278
IV. One Moytoy Descendancy280
V. Donald Neal Yates Stammtafel Approach281
VI. Two Descents from James Beamer, French Huguenot, English Carpenter and Sephardic Jew, Early Emigrant to South Carolina, to Donald Neal Yates, through Chief Oconostota284
VII. Sizemore and Brock Descents285
VIII. Gayl Wilson (C) Female Descent from Nancy Moytoy, Tame Doe and Nancy Ward287
IX. Tamra Duncan Wolf Clan and Oconostota Descendancy290
Phase III Participant Raw Data296
Digression Containing a Summary of the Moral and Natural History of the Land of the Apalachites298

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