Cherokee DNA Studies: People Who Proved the Geneticists

Cherokee DNA Studies: Real People Who Proved the Geneticists Wrong

Most claims of Native American ancestry rest on the mother’s ethnicity. This can be verified by a DNA test determining what type of mitochondrial DNA she passed to you. A hundred participants in DNA Consultants multi-phase Cherokee DNA Study did just that. What they had in common is they were rejected—by commercial firms, genealogy groups, government agencies and tribes. Their mitochondrial DNA was not classified as Native American . . . until now. These are the “anomalous” Cherokee. Share the journeys of discovery and self-awareness of these passionate volunteers who defied the experts and are helping write a new chapter in the Peopling of the Americas that will secure the true place of the Cherokee in American history.

DNA Consultants Series on Consumer Genetics, 1

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Cherokee DNA Studies: Real People Who Proved the Geneticists Wrong

“The Yateses’ DNA findings are revolutionary . . . the ages, diversity and uniqueness of certain lineages among the Cherokee strongly suggest significant pre-1492 genetic inputs from the Old World.”

Stephen C. Jett

Professor Emeritus of Geography, Textiles and Clothing, University of California, Davis; Editor, Pre-Columbiana:  A Journal of Long-Distance Contacts, and author, Atlantic Ocean Crossings