About the DNA Fingerprint Test

What the DNA Fingerprint Test Tells You

DNA FP product pageOur exclusive, best-selling DNA Fingerprint Test examines all your ancestral lines at once, to tell you which countries and ethnic groups your ancestors came from.  The test confirms any Native American, African or Asian ancestry; if you are primarily European, you will also receive your top ten matches from different European countries. Your DNA Fingerprint can also help explain the origin of physical traits that you or your relatives may possess. Unlike other autosomal tests, the DNA Fingerprint Test computes the likelihood of its matches on the basis of contemporary populations, not ancient world migrations or evolutionary theory.

You may add the 18 Marker Ethnic Panel for further confirmation of Native American and other ancestry.

How the DNA Fingerprint Test Works

We will send you a package with a collection kit and instructions. You will collect a sample with a cheek swab, and return the kit via a business reply envelope. Your sample will be analyzed against 16 standard STR markers, also called CODIS markers. Your values for 15 of these genetic systems are compared with databases known as the atDNA 3.0 and ENFSI, developed by population experts. Then, our genealogy experts take your DNA results and evaluate the relative strength and weakness of your matches to arrive at an overall picture of your primary ancestries. You will also receive a world ancestry map and certificate of testing. It takes about four-eight weeks for analysis of the sample and results. Your report is emailed to you as an attachment in Adobe pdf format. If you desire a hard copy in addition, it is $20.00.

Who Can Take It

Unlike other male-female tests, the DNA Fingerprint Test can be taken by anyone, regardless of gender. This is ideal for women, who cannot otherwise test their father’s line without a brother or other male to take the sex-related Y chromosome test. It is not confined to just your two “outside” male-male or female-female lines (which many believe make this autosomal test more practical and accurate). This also makes the DNA Fingerprint Test ideal for situations where relatives are deceased or unknown (as in adoptive families).

Compare Companies

DNA Consultants first developed the DNA Fingerprint Test and licensed the original database from its inventor. We overhauled our statistics and adopted the atDNA computer program in 2010, when we published the first validation study for this approach to DNA ancestry analysis. You can compare us to three other companies offering a similar product in this chart.

In mid-2009 we completed development of the DNA Fingerprint Plus, which added a proprietary 18 Marker Ethnic Panel. This addition to the DNA Fingerprint is available nowhere else. DNA Consultants is the only company with long experience in autosomal DNA ancestry statistics.

Understanding Your Report

Being equally grounded in science and the liberal arts, our staff prides itself on a product that is easily read and understood. Browse some Frequently Asked Questions that can help you understand your report once you have received it.

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