You Might Be Melungeon If . . .

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More “You Might Be Melungeon If” Rules
By Kari Carpenter

Kari CarpenterMy husband and I just had a good laugh reading over your “You Might Be Melungeon If…“ article. It inspired me to write up a few “real-life” examples from my own family. These are individual experiences of myself, my mother or my sister.

You might be Melungeon if . . . 

You and your cousins called your grandmother “Mammy”.

Your Southern granddads found it prudent not to enlist as Rebel soldiers—instead they retreated deep into the mountains and waited until the Civil War was over before returning home.

Your ancestors and relatives have names like:  Abel, David, Solomon, Milton, Emmanuel, Vito, Vida, Verdo, V.T., Orvia, Rozella, Permelia and Rhoda.

Your children are born with odd-looking dark spots and your Asian doctor looks at you funny when you tell her that both you and your husband are Caucasian.

Your Native American neighbor sits you down and gently explains to you that you are a mixed-race person.

While at a Protestant church service, an evangelical prophet points you out and addresses you as a “Mother in Israel.”

There’s no world cuisine that you won’t eat.

You feel uncomfortable living in an all-white population—even though you’re “white”.

In college, your Jewish boyfriend repeatedly asked:  “Are you sure you’re not Jewish???”

While all the other girls your age wanted to learn how to bake cookies—you had an inexplicable desire to learn how to make bagels.

Does anyone know if any of the Stony Creek Primitive Baptist Church Kitchens have descendants that have DNA tested or might be willing to DNA test?  I have 2 male Ketchand cousins who might be willing to test (if I ask nicely).

Your California Melungeon Cousin, Kari Carpenter


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  1. I can relate to a few of your experiences Kari and hey ya cousins!

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