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Photo:  Sheik Zayed bin Al Nahayan. Agencia Brasil; Wikimedia Commons.

The Yemeni – Sana’a population data represent DNA samples from 100 unrelated individuals in the region of Sana’a — capital of the officially titled Republic of Yemen (Sana’aYemen). Of these, 39 samples had been used in other studies. Samples were obtained by the Dept. of Legal Medicine at the Univeristy of Halle in Germany; the Dept. of Legal Medicine at the University of Graz, Austria; and by the  Dept. of Forensic Medicine in the College of Medicine, at Sanaa University in Yemen.

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Photo:  Painting of Yemeni Jew. Wikimedia Commons.

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Source publications:  Significant Differences Between Yemenite and Egyptian STR Profiles and the Influence on Frequency Estimates in Arabs, IJLM, 2001, p211-214.

[Population 121, 248]