World Reference Databases

Y Chromosome Databases (used with male tests)

  • Y-STR Haplotype Reference Database (Berlin): Anonymous entries.
  • Public Y chromosome haplogroup and surname forums
  • Eupedia

Mitochondrial Databases (used with female tests)

  • Concordance of Nucleotide Substitutions in the Human mtDNA Control Region (Cambridge Database): Biological Anthropology. **Although said to be outdated, still easier to use and more informative than the FBI database (below).
  • MITOMAP. A human mitochondrial genome database: Good for linkage disequilibrium. No individual entries, just studies.
  • The mtDNA Population Database: An Integrated Software and Database Resource for Forensic Comparison (FBI). Must be downloaded and installed. Confusing defaults and set-up controls. Anonymous entries.
  • Public mitochondrial haplogroup projects online
  • Eupedia

Other (used with DNA Fingerprint Test)

atDNA 10.1. Population Matching Macro-Enhanced Spreadsheet. 466 populations with matching incidences of high frequencies for CODIS markers.