White – Connecticut

White – Connecticut

White  ǀ European American

paul giamattiWhite Connecticutians are Americans of predominately European descent sampled in the state of Connecticut. Actor Paul Giamatti was born in New Haven of old New England and more recent immigrant stock.

The White – Connecticut population data represent DNA samples from 179 Caucasian (White American) individuals in the state of Connecticut. Samples were provided by the Connecticut State Police Forensic Science Laboratory. For more details on this population, see www.celebrateboston.com;

and Maps of American Ancestries.

Photo: Paul Giamatti of Italian, Irish, and English descent. Credit:  Karon Liu at www.flickr.com.  

 Source publication: Allele Frequencies for the CODIS Core STR Loci in Connecticut Populations, Scherczinger et.al, J Forensic Sci, 2000, July (4), 938-940.

[Population 52]