What Do You Call It?

Surely Not “Ancestry Painting and Global Similarity”

aristotleWe were surprised to see what DNA testing companies are calling their autosomal products these days. Ours is the DNA Fingerprint family of products, but 23&me calls their entry “Ancestry Painting and Global Similarity” and “Personal Genome Service.” Others offer “Genetic Ancestry Analysis,” “Family Finders,” and “Ancestral Origins.”

Before the introduction of DNA fingerprinting for ancestry purposes, DNA testing was limited to the father’s male line or mother’s mitochondrial lineage. Newer autosomal tests can be taken by a male or female. They analyze all your lines at once, not just the two traditional ones of genetic genealogy. Autosomal DNA is the great equalizer, but it’s not being marketed very adroitly.

A beginner’s class titled “Ancestry Tracing with an Autosomal DNA Test:  Conceptions and Misconceptions” will be presented by DNA Consultants principal investigator Donald N. Yates, Ph.D., at the upcoming Arizona Family History Expos. It will provide an overview of autosomal DNA tests that are capable of yielding a more complete picture of your family tree and its roots. Covered are the science and history of DNA fingerprinting, what markers are delineated, the databases used for finding matches, and methods and strategies for interpreting your results, including follow-up websites, social networking and readings.

The event takes place at the Arizona Family History Expo 2011, Lecture 73, Conference Theater, 11:00 a.m., Saturday, Jan. 22, 2011, Mesa Convention Center, 263 North Center Street, Mesa, Arizona 85201. For information on attending, visit Family History Expos or contact Holly T. Hansen at info@fhexpos.com.

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