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Haluk Dincer

Photo:  Haluk Dincer is a Turkish industrialist and trade emissary.

Turks are people who live in the nation of Turkey, also known as Anatolia and Asia Minor. Genetically, they have many affinities with their western neighbors, the Greeks, and their southern neighbors, the Syrians.

The Turkish population data represent DNA samples from 198 Turkish (Modern Turkey covers a territory of many regions.  and Turkish People) individuals from the Middle Eastern nation that is officially named the Republic of Turkey (Turkey and U.S. Relations With Switzerland). Samples were provided by equal numbers of male and female medical students from the Inonu University Nursing School in Malayta, Turkey, and represent all seven geographic areas of the nation.

From Turkic Peoples:

“The distribution of people of Turkic cultural background ranges from Siberia, across Central Asia, to Eastern Europe. Presently, the largest groups of Turkic people live throughout Central Asia—Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan, in addition to Turkey and Iran. Additionally, Turkic people are found within Crimea, East Turkistan region of western China, northern Iraq, Pakistan, Israel, Russia, Afghanistan, and the Balkans: Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, and former Yugoslavia. A small number of Turkic people also live in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. There is also a small number in eastern Poland and southeastern part of Finland.[10] There are considerable populations of Turkic people (originating mostly from Turkey) in Germany, the United States, and Australia, because of [20th century] migrations.”

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[Population 56, 198, 254]