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My DNA Gold report

This review is from: DNA GOLD SERVICE

My DNA Gold report was extremely helpful to my understanding of Native American ancestry in my family tree. Before, I thought that my strong family tradition of Cherokee heritage through my paternal grandfather (1/16th by blood) was the only link. Now I know it is pervasive, other tribes are involved and there are multiple discrepancies between online information and the truth as shown in historical records. My direct female ancestor was apparently the daughter of a Rhode Island merchant active among the American Indians like the famous Blevins family of Longhunters, and her mother was brought back as a bride from the frontier.

By Sally Littleton, PhD

Best Cherokee/Jewish DNA Testing

This review is from: CHEROKEE DNA TEST

I would recommend DNA Consultants to anyone wanting to know about their Native American &/or Jewish Ancestry. DNA Consultants is the BEST DNA Company on the market for both!!!

By Neil Perkins

Melungeon Fingerprint Plus


After having taken several other DNA tests with various companies from around the world I was quite surprised and very pleased with my results from DNA Consultants. From questions I have had my entire life to subtle hints and anomalies within my family trees and the spread or migration of the majority of my familial lines out of the Virginia and Carolinas regions of the 1600-1700's all line up with the results produced in this report. My review here really can not convey the wonderful feeling I received upon first viewing my results. What I can say is that these results lined up nicely with only one other of my tests from another company. I highly recommend anyone wanting a deeper insight to their possible ethnic origins to look into the tests offered here.

By C

Sissy Taylor


Love the results from this test and my Cherokee DNA Test and the Rare Genes. These were done to verify what my mother and others of her family had said about their Cherokee Heritage.My name may be on the Documents,but it is really THEIRS. They would be so proud and I Thank You for that.

By Bertha

Ruby Lee Thigpen-Whitehurst is with Tiffany Huntsman and 4 others.

This review is from: DNA TESTS

I love this company for many reasons: It is Indigenous, Native American, owned and operated, the database contains current Native American DNA, the owner knows Indigenous Native American People all over the United States and other countries, the owner of the company is Indigenous Native American and he even knows Indigenous Native American People here in North Carolina that he tested. He has DNA in his database from more Indigenous Native American People than any other DNA company. Such tribes include Lumbee, Cherokee, Apache, Inuit, Navajo and many others, plus there are numerous kits available. I ordered my Cherokee DNA test from this company. Everyone that claims Cherokee, now is your chance to find the truth.

By Ruby Thigpen-Whitehurst