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Made a very good gift!

This review is from: DNA FINGERPRINT TEST

I ordered this DNA kit for my boyfriend for Christmas. We have looked at several options & this is exactly what he wanted. We received it in just 2 days & are awaiting the results! He is so excited because he and his family members have only been able to guess the whereabouts of their origins so far. I am happy I was able to give him such a unique and meaningful gift this year. Thank you!

By Angela Watkins

Best DNA Test Available

This review is from: DNA FINGERPRINT TEST

This test is extremely detailed and well worth it. It provides matches to cities and states. I was able to confirm Native American ancestry that other companies could not confirm. It is so detailed that it even confirmed Cherokee ancestry for both me and my mother. This is a great test for anyone who is very " mixed."

By Megan R

Exciting and informative trip through time

This review is from: DNA FINGERPRINT TEST

My DNA-Fingerprint Plus analysis confirmed that which I already knew: I had British genes. Lakota Sioux genes, Austrian genes. But it also led me into the beginning of my genetic history. I knew some facts about my ancestors several generations back. But this test expanded those "branches" and suggested the origins of known ancestors, filling in a more complete mapping of my genetic makeup. The trip was exciting and opened my mind to generations from the beginning. My DNA-Fingerprint Plus analysis was the finest birthday gift I could have ever received.

By 90 Great Years

Good company

This review is from: DNA FINGERPRINT TEST

It was great fun to enter into the genetic genealogy field and test my autosomal DNA. The results are very helpful in discovering who my ancestors were as a people group - not just their names. The whole process from ordering, collecting a sample, and receiving results was quick and easy. The support you get after you receive your results is also helpful and they will work with you one-on-one if you so desire. Good company and would recommend them to anyone. I especially like the privacy that comes with your results.


Very detailed report and explanations

This review is from: PREMIUM COMBO DNA TEST

This test yielded quite a detailed and informative report which separates DNA Consultants' product above others. The initial procedure is nothing different from other DNA tests, a few cheek swabs and then you mail everything off for a laboratory to process. Where the gap from other DNA tests start to form is within the results and report. While my family does not have a complete history of our tree beyond 100 years of information, the results did hold fast to what tidbits we already knew, and at the same time bringing to light information that we were not aware of. I appreciate the length evolved in such a test.

By Amazon Customer