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Thoroughly Impressed!


Where do I begin? The results of my test exceeded my expectations. Scientifically sound, informative, thorough, and comprehensive. The report was consistent with what I've learned about my ancestry through my own research, and also offered new insights for me to explore. I also want to note that the customer service was wonderful and swift. I would recommend this company and this particular test to anyone interested in ancestry/genealogy research. Top notch. Thank you.

By Josh Knoy

BAI DNA Test Review


I found that the Cherokee and Sioux appear to be default family lore tribes, with many believing without real evidence that their family were members, and I was discouraged that might also be my situation. Depending on when and where an occurrence happened, a record may or may not exist. I have been able to confirm through documentation some my American Indian lineage. When I had the Basic American Indian DNA Fingerprint done, it revealed American Indian DNA, including mixed unregistered Cherokee. The DNA analysis will give me ideas where to look next using migration patterns. These results give me the confidence to continue the search, that family stories of Cherokee ancestry may have been more than simply folklore.

By Joyce Rheal

This Test Nailed It

This review is from: DNA Fingerprint Plus

I took the DNA Fingerprint + Test and, and I didn't give DNA Consultants any information at all concerning what I already knew. When I got the results back from the Test, Susan Levin, who was the Investigator on my test, found that I was associated with the Lumbee Tribe of North, Carolina! As far as I am concerned, this test had nailed it! The Lumbee tribe has an interesting history, and remnants of several tribes left behind during the removal, came together and stayed in North, Carolina, and the tribe got its name from the Lumbee river, where they lived. I assume some Cherokees and Catawba might have been part of that group. There is even a strong indication that the Lost Colony and Virginia Dare, may have been intermarried with this tribe. Am I happy with the results of my test? You bet! I have also now read most all the books written by Donald Yates and his associates, and find the research in them to to be fascinating.

By Jim Miller



The article entitled “PORTUGAL ǀ PORTUGUESE ǀ IBERIAN” minimized the ancestral roots we have from the Moors and North African. The influence is much more than that writer claimed. He certainly looked like he had some Moorish descent. The Moors occupied Portugal for 500 years before the future first king of Portugal reclaimed it from the Moors. The Celtic history does exist here, more in northern Portugal. However, central and southern Portugal has been influenced more by other civilizations, particularly the Moors. My father is from the south, the Alentejo. Our ancestry as it is for most in that region is partly from the Moorish influence. Northern and southern regions have different influences, but it is inaccurate to say the Moors had minimal impact. Perhaps your writer shouldn’t White wash our history to make us sound more Anglo than our history suggests.

By Elizabeth Domingos-Shepard

Eureka! Mustee, Melungeon, Cherokee and Jewish Ancestry All Found

This review is from: DNA SILVER SERVICE

This is far and away the best genealogy service for colonial American and mixed ancestry, including Native American Indian. I was an early member of DNA Consultants’ Cherokee DNA Studies and my DNA (with DNA Consultants) resulted in a strongly positive Cherokee result. I was adopted, I had worked on my tree from my known birth parents for years, finding my connection to Betsy Jemison and John Greenblanket—both Seneca Indians. John Greenblanket, a peace Chief, signed the Buffalo Creek Treaty of 1826. My birth Mother’s Father’s line yielded Cherokee which was consistent with family oral history. Having Melungeon alleles further complicated matters! Additionally, I am a Sizemore (from George “All”), a line which has a longstanding tradition of being American Indian—mostly believed to be Cherokee, but there are other Indian connections speculated as well. I continued to struggle with my Mother’s line which remained a bit of a mystery. Dr. Yates looked into it and established that my mother’s female-only line went directly back to Elizabeth Way, a mustee (American Indian and black) born 1822 in South Carolina, Charleston area. It made so much sense. In addition to the French Huguenot ancestry from Charleston, now I had another very important connection. Explains my absolute affinity to the Charleston area. Eureka! That had been a roadblock for years and I was excited to hear what he had found. This was immeasurably important to learn and filled in a blank spot in my tree. He additionally helped me with the names on my paternal tree of Jewish origin which was consistent with my DNA testing from them. Also very exciting! You can take reports from them to the bank! I have been involved in genetic genealogy for over two decades now and DNA Consultants has always been available to help, answer questions and find genealogical info that connects to the outstanding DNA testing. It far exceeds any of the other companies available in my opinion.

By Jan Franz, Litigation Paralegal, Artist and Member, Piqua Shawnee Tribe.