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Gift of Life

This review is from: CHEROKEE DNA TEST

My husband is very ill, and age 60. He had always wanted to have proof of his Cherokee background, and DNA not only made this possible, but changed my husband's outlook on his entire life, at a time when nothing else had lifted his spirits. The people who work for this firm, are personal and caring and helpful in opening doors to other ways and means of discovering not only your past, but groups you can join and support available to those who share your DNA background. The cost is very reasonable and really, how can you put a price on the rewards of knowing who you really are.

By Amazon Customer

The Fortune's in the Follow-Up!

This review is from: DNA FINGERPRINT PLUS

I first did the DNA Fingerprint Test back in 2007. I knew that my father’s family was from Britain via the Deep South, and that my mother’s family was from Tuscany. There was also a family legend of Native American ancestry on my father’s side, and I was trying to either validate or invalidate that lineage. Not only was that lineage validated, the results took my in many directions I hadn’t expected, to North Africa and Iberia, Eastern Europe, to minority tribes in Tibet and China. I even wrote a satire about unexpected the results, “Say It Loud, I’m Afro-Tibetan and Proud!” Since then my genealogy has documented almost all of the link I first thought were errors or “genetic background noise”. Here’s where the most impressive advantage of DNA Consultants kicks in.

By Brian Wilkes

Exciting and informative trip through time

This review is from: DNA FINGERPRINT TEST

My DNA-Fingerprint Plus analysis confirmed that which I already knew: I had British genes. Lakota Sioux genes, Austrian genes. But it also led me into the beginning of my genetic history. I knew some facts about my ancestors several generations back. But this test expanded those "branches" and suggested the origins of known ancestors, filling in a more complete mapping of my genetic makeup. The trip was exciting and opened my mind to generations from the beginning. My DNA-Fingerprint Plus analysis was the finest birthday gift I could have ever received.

By 90 Great Years

Highly recommend!


This test matched up with one I had done a few years ago. This particular test went even further and gave me so much new information! It traces your dna in reference to your female ancestors (your mother's mother's mother and so on). With this test, I was able to find out why my genetic tests show Native American and Romanian, but I am about as white as you can get! This test traced that part of my dna back to Norway. The test arrived quickly and I had the results within a couple of weeks. Very easy to use, too!

By kack1004

Best DNA Test Available

This review is from: DNA FINGERPRINT TEST

This test is extremely detailed and well worth it. It provides matches to cities and states. I was able to confirm Native American ancestry that other companies could not confirm. It is so detailed that it even confirmed Cherokee ancestry for both me and my mother. This is a great test for anyone who is very " mixed."

By Megan R