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So Happy with My Results!


Every DNA test I've had had shown Native American ancestry, which I knew from my family history and tree. However, with Ancestry's last update, they removed my Native American and increased my Scottish ancestry. Like others this happened to, I wasn't happy about that. A cousin recently shared with me that she and other members of her family had done the Native American DNA Fingerprint Plus test and were very pleased with the results. So I had it done and just got my results. It not only affirms my Native American ancestry but validated two other categories of interest to me: Romani and Melungeon. I have been in a Romani research group for some time, matching my Romani descendants but had been unable to 'prove' I have Romani ancestors. Now I have the proof. I had only recently discovered I have Redbone ancestry, which is most likely the Mulungeon showing up on this report.

By Debbie Gambrell


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I got your Jewish test a couple of years ago that showed I had Jewish alleles. I have a Native American 10th great grandmother who was a member of the Mohawk Tribe. I'm wondering if one of your tests (preferably a cheaper one) would show this ancestry?

By Gail Hardy

No Canadian Indigenous people in your DNA Test Offer

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I was excited to see the Native American DNA test until I read which ones were included. My husband's brick wall is on his maternal side with his Grandmother's story of 100% Claim of Canadian indigenous connection. Unfortunately his mother died in 2005 and we have no DNA information on her. We have mtDNA which is N1b1b1 from FTDNA. I have also been at RootTech this year and was advised to try 23&Me. Comments would be appreciated. Saundra and Kirk Ashley

By Saundra


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Hi, I'm interested in knowing which tribe I come from. I have matched to Powhatan and I don;t know how. I was also told we my family are Creek. Could I be from Hawaii? I heard that once. I'm interested in knowing which tribe of Natives I come from. Which test do you recommend for me? My cousin James Walker has done this test and recommended it. I am not working during Covi, keep that in mind and my DNA data is already on 23&me, Ancestry, and Family Tree . I can be reached at 646-342-6984, please call to help me know more. Thanks! Sibrena

By Sibrena Geraldino



The information that is described in this book is quite interesting! I had always assumed that there were always secret Jews in London and elsewhere in the British Isles. I was wondering if there are more discoveries regarding the Jewish musicians and Goldsmiths who were recruited to "glorify" the court of Henry VIII ? The Anthony family of Goldsmiths are quite interesting. It appears that they were Sephardi in origin. It would be great to have some proof of this. Several of us descendants are trying to prove our ancestry so as to obtain Portuguese Passports.

By Glenn J Hill