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Very detailed report and explanations

This review is from: PREMIUM COMBO DNA TEST

This test yielded quite a detailed and informative report which separates DNA Consultants' product above others. The initial procedure is nothing different from other DNA tests, a few cheek swabs and then you mail everything off for a laboratory to process. Where the gap from other DNA tests start to form is within the results and report. While my family does not have a complete history of our tree beyond 100 years of information, the results did hold fast to what tidbits we already knew, and at the same time bringing to light information that we were not aware of. I appreciate the length evolved in such a test.

By Amazon Customer

Good Product

This review is from: CHEROKEE DNA TEST

The Cherokee DNA test is an unusual, well-presented product. It delivers what it promises in accuracy, speed of execution, and convenience. The Cherokee Match certificate is bound to please a certain segment of purchasers. It’s a great gift for someone who has everything, and important for anyone digging seriously into their genealogy. It was clever of DNA Consultants to isolate Cherokee and other Native American markers and design a test that can select out this special ethnicity. I have heard that Native American DNA tends to “wash out” and not register in general population DNA tests so the test plays its part in preserving knowledge of Cherokee lineage. One addition that would enhance the product might be to take the top five statistically significant Native American groups that flank the Cherokee DNA and highlight them.

By Anon

Professional service, accurate, and for a small price!

This review is from: CHEROKEE DNA TEST

The kit arrived fast, was as described. The product provided was detailed with easy steps to follow and the return package had postage paid. The lab results provided were simple and easy to understand, also contact telephone numbers and e mail address are provided in case you have any questions. I was told by my Grandmother that she was Cherokee, and my father was Irish and Italian. The results arrived and I was pleasantly surprised to find that in my top genetic makeup was Cherokee as well as Salishan (totem pole builders ) from British Columbia. Also the European and eastern makeup makes sense. If you want to know who you are, and where you come from, DNA Consultants are the way to go!

By Joseph E. Flynn