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About our Native American ancestry


I'm writing an extensive article about our Native American ancestry, which is a sum total of 30+ years of on and off research. Putting all the research into one article is quite a task, but it's gratifying. The DNA test results from your company are a vital part of that research, and I've even mentioned your investigators' names in my treatise! Thank you, once again, for your wonderful service to us family historians! Dan Sparta, New Jersey

By Dan

Open-Ended Customer Service Clears Up Confusion.

This review is from: CHEROKEE DNA TEST

I took this test and got a positive result and certificate. Does that mean I can claim to be Cherokee, or even a Cherokee descendant? NO! To quote the result: “U.S. Cherokee Admixed appears in your top world matches at rank #12. A related population, Native American-Michigan, is #2. It is thus HIGHLY LIKELY (emphasis mine) you have significant amounts of Cherokee ancestry.” Given the reality of intermarriage between nations, the match to a database of genealogically-defined Cherokee descendants and enrolled members means my ancestry could really go back to one of a dozen tribal nations. My genealogy documents descent from Croatoan/Cheraw/Lumbee individuals. This result validates my genealogy. I may find documented links to enrolled Cherokees in the future, or not. But the results have already helped me connect with individuals with the same surnames in two of the nations.

By Brian Wilkes

The Fortune's in the Follow-Up!

This review is from: DNA FINGERPRINT PLUS

I first did the DNA Fingerprint Test back in 2007. I knew that my father’s family was from Britain via the Deep South, and that my mother’s family was from Tuscany. There was also a family legend of Native American ancestry on my father’s side, and I was trying to either validate or invalidate that lineage. Not only was that lineage validated, the results took my in many directions I hadn’t expected, to North Africa and Iberia, Eastern Europe, to minority tribes in Tibet and China. I even wrote a satire about unexpected the results, “Say It Loud, I’m Afro-Tibetan and Proud!” Since then my genealogy has documented almost all of the link I first thought were errors or “genetic background noise”. Here’s where the most impressive advantage of DNA Consultants kicks in.

By Brian Wilkes

Gift of Life

This review is from: CHEROKEE DNA TEST

My husband is very ill, and age 60. He had always wanted to have proof of his Cherokee background, and DNA not only made this possible, but changed my husband's outlook on his entire life, at a time when nothing else had lifted his spirits. The people who work for this firm, are personal and caring and helpful in opening doors to other ways and means of discovering not only your past, but groups you can join and support available to those who share your DNA background. The cost is very reasonable and really, how can you put a price on the rewards of knowing who you really are.

By Amazon Customer

DNA Consultant helps confirm my Native American

This review is from: CHEROKEE DNA TEST

I took the cherokee DNA test and found out that there wasn't a match for cherokee. My top 3 matches: (1) Saskatchewan, (2) Northern Ontario, (3) Northern Ontario First Nations Canada. I found out that my Mother's side has ojibway heritage. Thanks to DNA consultant who helped confirm this research.

By Eliot Logan