Spanish – Andalusian

Spanish – Andalusian

Spanish  ǀ Iberian

Escudo AndalucíaAndalusians are Spaniards sampled in Andalusia, most populous and the second largest in area of the autonomous communities of Spain. Andalusia was named after the Vandal Kingdom of the Middle Ages and was the seat of Arab power for many centuries.

The Spanish – Andalusian population data represent 100 DNA samples from the Kingdom of Spain’s southern Andalusia region (Andalusia). Provided by the Instituto Nacional de Toxicologica (National Institute of Toxicology) in Seville, Spain, these samples were randomly selected from casework, paternity testing, and the institute’s staff.
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Source publications: Allele Frequencies of 13 Short Tandem Repeats in Population Samples From the Iberian Peninsula and Northern Africa, Perez-Lezaun et al., IJLM, 2000, 113, p208-214. Population Data of 13 STRs in Southern Spain (Andalusia), FSI, 2001, 119, 113-115. Allele frequencies of 15 tetrameric short tandem repeats (STRs) in Andalusians from Huelva (Spain), FSI, 2007

[Population 58, 76, 317]

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