Russian – Oryol

Russian- Oryol

Russian ǀ East European

Leonid Andreyev

Photo: Portrait of Leonid Andreyev, born in Oryol in 1871, playwright, novelist, and short story writer; painting by Ilya Repin

Oryol is a city in the region of Oryol Oblast, Russia. An oblast is a region of the Russian Federation that does not have the right to establish its own language or constitution. Oryol is located about 220 miles southwest of Moscow on the Oka River. Archaeological evidence shows that a settlement existed in the 12th century. However, in the 13th century it was invaded by Lithuania and abandoned by the residents. Ivan the Terrible decreed that the fortress be rebuilt in 1566 but the location was prone to flooding and again the site was forced to rebuild. The cycle continued into World War II, when the city was almost completely destroyed. Today the city is part of Russia and mayoral elections have been held regularly since 1991.

Russian – Oryol represents 72 Russians from the European city of Oryol (Orel) who were sampled in 2007 by the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

Source publication: Developing STR databases on structured populations: the native South Siberian population versus the Russian populations. FSI: Genetics 3 (2009) e111-e116

[Population 356]

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