Russian – Belgorod

Russian- Belgorod

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Svetlana Khorkina

Photo: Olympic medalist Svetlana Khorkina, born in Belgorod in 1979 and winner of 7 Olympic medals in 1996, 2000,  and 2004.

Belgorod is a city in the region of Belgorod Oblast, Russia. An oblast is a region of the Russian Federation that does not have the right to establish its own language or constitution. Belgorod is located about 25 miles north of the Ukraine. It is known as the “White City” due to the area being rich in limestone. It was first mentioned as a settlement in 1237. Beginning in the 16th century and continuing into World War II, it was attacked and held by numerous armies and countries, including Crimean Tatars, the Imperial German Army, and the Soviet Red Army. It was completely rebuilt after World War II and has been repeatedly recognized as the cleanest city in Russia.

Russian – Belgorod represents 66 Russians from the European city of Belgorod who were sampled in 2007 by the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

Source publication: Developing STR databases on structured populations: the native South Siberian population versus the Russian populations. FSI: Genetics 3 (2009) e111-e116

[Population 383]

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