Rare Genes from History Upgrade

Rare Genes from History Upgrade

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Order this upgrade if you have already taken a DNA Fingerprint Test. There is no need to be resampled.

All 33 of DNA Consultants’ new markers are rare, but that’s what makes them interesting.

Coming from all sections of human diversity—African, Indian, Asian and Native American—they are like the tiny gold filaments in a huge, outspread multi-colored tapestry.

These rare but robust signals of deep history can act as unique touchstones for the surprising stories of individuals and help clarify your DNA Fingerprint Plus results.

If you have not taken any test you must order the Rare Genes from History Test and start from the beginning.

Not everyone is going to have one, but here is the lineup with links to further information.


This is a phenomenal company !


This is my second test with this company. Their knowledge is just mind blowing, and leads the pack. I know nothing about my biological father, and now I have a better understanding of who I am, and this tests Rare Genes actually helped in so many ways. I was totally suprised at the results, and yet very illuminating for me. If you are truly serious about knowing about origins, and not wanting bogus information which a company I prefer to not call out , then DNA consultants is for you. Dr. Yates is a walking encyclopedia, and passionate about his work. Thank you guys! Thank you for being on this journey with me.

By Lei. Elliott