Premium Male DNA Report Only Y-DNA

Premium Male DNA Report Only Y-DNA

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Using your results from previous testing, gives you a report on the Y chromosome type received from your father. We can use the Y-STR markers from a test you took many other companies to prepare this customized and personalized report on your male line. Just send us your Y-STR scores for our review and we’ll take it from there.

Your father’s haplotype is searched in several Y chromosome resources to find males descended from the same male ancestor as you within about the past 500 years.  Your report includes a world heat-map of the distribution of your haplotype showing where genetic cousins live today.

Your report is delivered to you by email within about two weeks. It includes:

  • Confirmation of your haplotype’s ethnic origin (African, Asian, Native American or Eurasian)
  • Database search results
  • Surname origin and meaning (from our library of reference books)
  • History and description of your father’s male line (haplotype)
  • References
  • FAQs and complete access to learning resources
  • Hyperlinked unfamiliar words for easy lookup online
  • Unlimited help online and by email or phone so that you can understand and use your ancestry report

Select hard copy if you wish to receive a mailed paper report in addition to email.

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