Native American DNA Ancestry Report Only- mtDNA

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Compiles the history of the mitochondrial DNA passed to you by your mother, using the results you already have from testing at another laboratory. We use scores from one or both of the control regions known as HVRI and HVRII.

Did you know that the ideas of most geneticists about “the peopling of the Americas” and what defines American Indian descent are often based on limited samples? The Cherokee in particular are under-sampled so that many people with Cherokee mitochondrial DNA are not considered American Indian. Our Native American Report Only overcomes this problem by comparing your mitochondrial DNA to data we have on file from special studies of this subject.

Read about it in our special blog posting, “Anomalous Mitochondrial DNA in the Cherokee” and recent book, Cherokee DNA Studies:  Real People Who Proved the Geneticists Wrong.

The “mutations” defining your maternal lineage (the DNA of your mother, her mother and so forth, all the way back) are researched in a standard article on mitochondrial ancestry, the Cambridge Mitochondrial DNA Concordance and other databases. A history of your particular female lineage is assembled, with comparative frequencies in world populations

Disclaimer: This is a forensic DNA test based in part on publicly available tribal American Indian data published in J. Ng et al, “Native American Population Data Based on the Globalfiler® Autosomal STR loci,” Forensic Science International: Genetics 24:e12-e13. This is a non-chain-of custody test and cannot be used for legal or administrative purposes. It does not yield percentages of ethnicity. Note that no DNA results are accepted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs to claim membership. Your Native American ancestors may be very far removed generationally or their genes are too weak to register statistically. Your results may or may not confirm expected ethnic composition, family history or genealogical determinations. Alone, no DNA ancestry test may be used to prove identity, biological relationships, nationality, citizenship, immigration or tribal enrollment.