Melungeon DNA Update

Melungeon DNA Update

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Our unique Melungeon sample became the first population to be added to our new computer program atDNA, which contains the database used for the DNA Fingerprint Test. Now find out how high a match you have for Melungeon ancestry. If you have already obtained your results for the DNA Fingerprint Test, there is no need to be resampled or retested. Simply order the Melungeon Match and we will send you your top 50 matches. If you have Melungeon ancestry, Melungeon (n=40) will be at or near the top.

Check out the posts on DNA Communities to see how the 40 participants in the Melungeon DNA study scored. Many had Melungeon (n=40) as their No. 1 population match. That is outstanding validation for the original sample and the conclusions reached in the study published in Appalachian Journal:

More information about Melungeons

Toward a Genetic Profile of Melungeons in Southern Appalachia

Melungeon Studies

This product cannot be ordered as a stand-alone test. It must be added to a previous order, or you must send us your DNA fingerprint (allele, CODIS marker) scores to run it. Melungeon data were introduced in December 2011.

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