Ancient DNA Certificate

Ancient DNA Certificate

A deluxe, colorful 8 ½ x 11-inch certificate laser-printed on parchment paper and suitable for framing is mailed to you. Included on the certificate are an image of your ancient match, your name, the name of your ancient DNA test, and your average and highest genetic matches in that people or culture.

In the Notes section, please specify the name of the test and your average and highest match calculations from your Primeval DNA results. For example, Anglo-Saxon Fen Dwellers, Average Match 5.3%, Highest Genetic Similarity: Sigeweard 6.5%. (If not notated in your order, we can look this up for you in your account.)


Available certificates

Ancient Britons in Roman Britain

Ancient Israelites

Anglo-Saxon Fen Dwellers

Chumash Paleo-Indians

Egyptian Mummies

Ice Age Europeans

Kennewick Man

Mal’ta Boy

Minoans and Mycenaeans

Ötzi the Ice Man

Stone Age Europeans

Vikings in Medieval Iceland

One people or culture per certificate. Fulfillment within 2 weeks. Not available except in printed hard copy as offered on this page.