Chumash Paleo-Indians

Chumash Paleo-Indians | United States | California | 7000 BCE - 1000 CE

Native Americans have lived along the California coast for at least 13,000 years. The name Chumash means “bead maker” or “seashell people.” They originated near the Santa Barbara coast. Before the mission period, the Chumash lived in over 150 independent villages, speaking variations of the same language.

The area is located in portions of what is now San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties, extending from Morro Bay in the north to Malibu in the south. They also occupied three of the Channel Islands: Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel; the smaller island of Anacapa was likely inhabited seasonally due to the lack of a consistent water source. Modern place names with Chumash origins include Cayucos, Malibu, Lompoc, Ojai, Pismo Beach, Lake Castaic, Saticoy, Simi Valley and Somis.

The Chumash Paleo-Indians data were compiled from several sites. Only two mitochondrial haplogroups were found among the Chumash, A1 and D1, both of which appeared in Asia during the Paleolithic Era. Haplogroup A is most common among native North Americans but is also found in East Asia. Haplogroup D1 is common among Northeast Asians and is also found in native North Americans. All males belonged to a single Y chromosome haplogroup, Q1a, which is the most frequent type occurring in native North Americans but is also found among Central Asians in the Altai Mountains, and among some southeast Asians including people from Thailand.

Native Americans have a wide diversity of lineages and admixture and sweeping conclusions cannot be wagered on a slight or hasty basis. The true story of the Peopling of the Americas, after being rewritten several times, is only beginning to be told. It is likely that the evidence coming to light from ancient genomes will surprise everyone.

Code: CPI-6-13

Ancient DNA Hub Reference: The Chumash

Story ID: 20005

Individual genomes contributing to this test: 16 (Leqte, Matipuya, Piyokol, Helek, Seqpewe, Shuluwis, Sulwasunaitset, Tilinawit, Timiyaqa, Qolog, Pilu’law, Konoyo, Silkiset, Kipo’mo, Pititi, Kamuliyat)

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I ordered the Primeval DNA test on Feb. 25, 2019. I got my results in 4 days. This is my favorite DNA testing company. I have spoken to Mrs. Yates a few times and she has always answered all of my questions. I ordered Egyptian Mummies, Chumash Paleo-Indians, and Ancient Britons in Roman Britain. I will definitely follow up with the other four ancient peoples. Thanks for providing such wonderful service.

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