Shawnee DNA Update $69

Shawnee DNA Update $69

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With the release of our new database on July 15, 2022, you can find out if you have a high match to either or both of two new American Indian reference populations, U.S. Shawnee Enrolled (n=24) and U.S. Shawnee Admixed (n=53), as well as 60-plus other standard tribes.

For more information on the Shawnee people see our population page.

If you receive a positive match you may then order a Special Shawnee Match Certificate. This is not a stand-alone product and cannot be ordered by itself unless we have your DNA fingerprint results (CoDIS markers, alleles) on file. To order the full product, including a lab test, purchase a DNA Fingerprint Plus.

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Disclaimer: This is a forensic DNA test based in part on publicly available tribal American Indian data published in J. Ng et al, “Native American Population Data Based on the Globalfiler® Autosomal STR loci,” Forensic Science International: Genetics 24:e12-e13. This is a non-chain-of custody test and cannot be used for legal or administrative purposes. It does not yield percentages of ethnicity. Note that no DNA results are accepted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs to claim membership. Your Native American ancestors may be very far removed generationally or their genes are too weak to register statistically. Your results may or may not confirm expected ethnic composition, family history or genealogical determinations. Alone, no DNA ancestry test may be used to prove identity, biological relationships, nationality, citizenship, immigration or tribal enrollment.

Consider ordering Genealogy Services to document your Shawnee ancestry!