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About Our Premium Male DNA Test

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Our Premium Male Test analyzes your biological father’s direct male line – his father’s father’s father, and so on, all the way back — by testing the markers of your Y chromosome. This is the ideal test for surname origin and genealogy searches. Your Y chromosome is examined at 25 locations for distinctive markers called Y-STRs. The scores for the 25 Y-STRs determine your father’s male line or pedigree, which follows the surname through history.

Who Can Take the Male Test
Males carry the Y chromosome and can take this test. A female client will need to ask a biological male relative who bears the last name of her father to provide the sample for this test.

How the Test Works

We will send you a Premium Male sample collection kit containing two cheek swabs and instructions for collection. You will then send the samples back to our laboratory via the prepaid envelope. The laboratory provides the genetic testing, and we will analyze and interpret the results. Fulfillment takes approximately three weeks from the time the lab receives your samples. Your electronic report is delivered to you by email.

Your father’s haplotype is searched in several Y chromosome resources and Ysearch, a database that can provide the names and contact information of males descended from the same male ancestor as you within about the past 500 years.  Your report includes a world heat-map of the distribution of your haplotype showing where genetic cousins live today.

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What Is Included
Your report is delivered to you by email within about three to four weeks. It includes:

  • Confirmation of your haplotype’s ethnic origin (African, Asian, Native American or Eurasian)
  • Database search results
  • Heat-map of male matches worldwide
  • Surname origin and meaning (from our library of reference books)
  • History and description of your father’s male line (haplotype)
  • References
  • FAQs and complete access to learning resources
  • Hyperlinked unfamiliar words foreasy lookup online
  • One-click access to websites mentioned in your report
  • Unlimited help online and by email or phone so that you can understand and use your ancestry report
  • Instructions how to enter your DNA results into relevant databases, if you so choose
  • Our free DNA Consultants Newsletter
  • Select hard copy if you wish to receive a mailed paper report rather than or in addition to email.

Report Only
Have you already received the lab results of a Y chromosome test? You can send them to us and receive the analysis only.  Visit our Premium Male Report Only page to learn more.

Paper Copy
At checkout, you can also opt to receive a hard copy of your report and materials, mailed to you.

Recovered family history

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Box of old family photos and documents lost in a house fire. With DNA we can reconstruct some of what's missing. Excellent service and very detailed report - like a short course in DNA technology.

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