DNA Silver Service

DNA Silver Service

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Add a much appreciated level of customization with DNA Silver Service. Over the years, we have helped countless adopted persons and others discover their hidden roots with this “kid-gloves” professional genealogy service. As a purchaser of DNA Fingerprint Test or our other products, you are already entitled to unlimited follow-up questions. But you can also get this special service to ensure that your case receives the full attention of one of our investigators. It’s like making your personal family history the subject of an academic research paper.

The silver level is equivalent to three hours professional research time. It is ideal for answering very specific, relatively uncomplicated questions. A typical research plan searches the state and federal censuses and birth, marriage and death records at Ancestry.com. Confidential custom report fulfilled in 3 weeks.

Get started by telling us more about your individual family history and target interests

    Examples of research questions

    What is my matriline (females’ names, birth and death years)?

    What are the Melungeon surnames in my genealogy?

    What are some probable Jewish lines in my family tree?

    Where or how far back is my American Indian ancestry?

    What tribe or nation is strongest in my ancestry?

    Eureka! Mustee, Melungeon, Cherokee and Jewish Ancestry All Found

    This review is from: DNA SILVER SERVICE

    This is far and away the best genealogy service for colonial American and mixed ancestry, including Native American Indian. I was an early member of DNA Consultants’ Cherokee DNA Studies and my DNA (with DNA Consultants) resulted in a strongly positive Cherokee result. I was adopted, I had worked on my tree from my known birth parents for years, finding my connection to Betsy Jemison and John Greenblanket—both Seneca Indians. John Greenblanket, a peace Chief, signed the Buffalo Creek Treaty of 1826. My birth Mother’s Father’s line yielded Cherokee which was consistent with family oral history. Having Melungeon alleles further complicated matters! Additionally, I am a Sizemore (from George “All”), a line which has a longstanding tradition of being American Indian—mostly believed to be Cherokee, but there are other Indian connections speculated as well. I continued to struggle with my Mother’s line which remained a bit of a mystery. Dr. Yates looked into it and established that my mother’s female-only line went directly back to Elizabeth Way, a mustee (American Indian and black) born 1822 in South Carolina, Charleston area. It made so much sense. In addition to the French Huguenot ancestry from Charleston, now I had another very important connection. Explains my absolute affinity to the Charleston area. Eureka! That had been a roadblock for years and I was excited to hear what he had found. This was immeasurably important to learn and filled in a blank spot in my tree. He additionally helped me with the names on my paternal tree of Jewish origin which was consistent with my DNA testing from them. Also very exciting! You can take reports from them to the bank! I have been involved in genetic genealogy for over two decades now and DNA Consultants has always been available to help, answer questions and find genealogical info that connects to the outstanding DNA testing. It far exceeds any of the other companies available in my opinion.

    By Jan Franz, Litigation Paralegal, Artist and Member, Piqua Shawnee Tribe.