DNA Platinum Service

DNA Platinum Service

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Add the ultimate level of customization and documentation with DNA Platinum Service. Over the years, we have helped countless customers build detailed, accurate charts with this critical service. As a purchaser of DNA Fingerprint Test or our other products, you are already entitled to intensive follow-up questions. But you can also ensure that your case receives the full attention of one of our investigators. Make sure you are not victim to Internet misinformation—all too common in these days of copy-and-paste genealogies. It’s like making your family history topic the subject of a college term paper with proper footnotes.

The platinum level is equivalent to two days’ professional research time. It is ideal for answering relatively complicated questions that involve considerable judgment. A typical research plan collates the state and federal censuses and birth, marriage and death records at Ancestry.com back to at least 1850 and after entering the colonial period, jumps the ocean to conduct searches in British or other relevant European records. Confidential custom report fulfilled in 4-6 weeks.

Get started by telling us more about your individual family history and target interests

    Examples of research questions

    What are my main nationalities according to an extended family tree across several generations?

    Was my ancestor Jewish? Crypto-Jewish?

    Which branch of the (Stewarts, MacDonalds, etc.) do I come from?

    Where and how far back are my American Indian connections?

    What Indian tribe or nation is indicated in my ancestry?

    Was my ancestor related to (titled peer in British aristocracy, Spanish lineage etc.)?


    Paper Trail Matched the DNA

    This review is from: DNA PLATINUM SERVICE

    Years of detailed genealogical research showed that DNA Consultants’ analyses were accurate and the paper trail matched the genes. As genealogists ourselves, DNA Consultants is the only testing service we recommend to clients. Joyce Rheal, Professional Genealogist, and Brian Wilkes, Genealogist, Editor and Translator at Cherokee Bible Project

    By Joyce Rheal and Brian Wilkes