DNA Fingerprint Test Plus 18 Marker Ethnic Panel

DNA Fingerprint Test Plus 18 Marker Ethnic Panel

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Our exclusive, best-selling DNA Fingerprint Test examines all your ancestral lines at once, to tell you which countries and ethnic groups your ancestors came from.

The DNA Fingerprint Plus adds a higher level of resolution by telling you if your profile contains any of 18 newly discovered ethnic markers. The test and ethnic panel confirm any Native American, African or Asian ancestry; if you are primarily or even part European, you will also receive your top matches in our exclusive new EURO analysis, together with your Megapopulations

We will send you a package with a collection kit and instructions by Priority Mail. You will collect a sample with a cheek swab, and return the kit via a stamped business reply envelope. Your sample will be analyzed against 16 standard STR markers, also called CODIS markers or individual DNA profile.

Your values for 15 of these genetic systems are compared with our company database known as atDNA 8.0, developed by population experts. The current state of the database reflects over 450 published studies containing over 130,000 samples from all over the world.

Our genealogy experts take your DNA results and evaluate the relative strength and weakness of your matches to arrive at an overall picture of your primary ancestries. You will also receive a world ancestry map and certificate of testing.  It takes about three weeks for analysis of the sample and results.

Powered by atDNA 8.0

The DNA Fingerprint Test can be taken by anyone, regardless of gender. This is ideal for women, who cannot otherwise test their father’s line without a brother or other male to take the sex-related Y chromosome test. It is not confined to just your two “outside” male-male or female-female lines (which many believe make this autosomal test more practical and accurate). This also makes the DNA Fingerprint Plus ideal for situations where relatives are deceased or unknown (as in adoptive families).

Iberian American
American Indian
European American
North Asian
Western European
Central European
Southeast Asian

The DNA Fingerprint Plus also gives you a “bottom line” analysis of your most important ethnicities, or “megapopulations,” as for instance:

The 18 Marker Ethnic Panel checks your lab report for 18 distinctive numerical values scattered through your genetic material. These markers were discovered by DNA Consultants. They have been linked to early human migrations branching out of Africa into Asia, Native America and Europe  as shown on our map.

Your report will tell you if you have the marker from one parent, from both, or from neither. It is not possible to say which parent you get a marker from–that is up to you to decide! And the fact that you do not have a marker does not necessarily mean that you lack that ancestry. A sibling may have gotten the marker if you failed to do so.

I tested with DNA Consultants!


So glad I tested with DNA Consultants! Donald Yates' research is cutting edge in the world of marrying DNA testing with history.

By Cheryl Shaw Green

The Fortune's in the Follow-Up!

This review is from: DNA FINGERPRINT PLUS

I first did the DNA Fingerprint Test back in 2007. I knew that my father’s family was from Britain via the Deep South, and that my mother’s family was from Tuscany. There was also a family legend of Native American ancestry on my father’s side, and I was trying to either validate or invalidate that lineage. Not only was that lineage validated, the results took my in many directions I hadn’t expected, to North Africa and Iberia, Eastern Europe, to minority tribes in Tibet and China. I even wrote a satire about unexpected the results, “Say It Loud, I’m Afro-Tibetan and Proud!” Since then my genealogy has documented almost all of the link I first thought were errors or “genetic background noise”. Here’s where the most impressive advantage of DNA Consultants kicks in.

By Brian Wilkes