Custom Genealogy Services

Custom Genealogy Services Premium

Unlock the secrets of your ancestry with our top-of-the-line Custom Genealogy Services. This premium genealogy research package is designed to meticulously build a single line or your entire family tree, depending on your goals and contingent on what DNA testing you have completed. Our forensic genealogists provide the most comprehensive and in-depth ancestral research available anywhere. They are discrete, confidential and affordable.

What You Receive

Our Custom Genealogy Services include:

  • Detailed Family Tree: Tracing paternal and maternal lines back to their beginning in written records if desired.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Access to sources, historical documents, public records, family Bibles and media findings such as nineteenth-century newspapers.
  • Expert Analysis: Insights and conclusions drawn by seasoned forensic experts.

Premium Ancestral Research

This service surpasses our other genealogy research packages:

It can be purchased in stages. You receive full reports periodically and we can invoice you on an agreed-upon schedule.

Ultimate Customization and Documentation

Over the years, we have helped countless customers build impeccable genealogies with this service. As a purchaser of the DNA Fingerprint Test or our other products, you are already entitled to intensive follow-up questions. But go beyond: you can also ensure that your case receives the full attention of one of our genealogists. Don’t be a victim of Internet misinformation. By the same token, make sure you are not attacked on social media as a “fake Indian” or other unproved member of a family or group.

Our research typically starts with the 1950 U.S. census and often goes back through vital records as far as 1850, the first census listing household members by name. Sometimes we then cast our net into the colonial period, jump the ocean and conduct searches in British or other relevant European records. We proceed from the known back to the unknown, step by step. Our genealogists have access to all major databases, all Indian rolls and the entire world of European royalty and the aristocracy (Debrett’s, Burke’s, Almanach de Gotha).

DNA Consultants’ genealogy reports have been used to join heritage associations such as the Huguenot Society, to prove a lineal bloodline for organizations like Daughters of the American Revolution, apply for membership in federally-recognized Indian tribes and satisfy other highly demanding official uses.

Throw Light on a Family Puzzler or Illumine Your Whole Genealogy
Get started today with your confidential open-end project. Write us about your project and let our expert genealogists propose the plan that’s right for you.

    Start Your Journey

    Embark on a fascinating journey to document your roots with DNA Consultants’ Custom Genealogy Services. Whether you’re looking to uncover hidden family stories or make a special connection with your ancestors, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.

    Explore your ancestry with the expertise of DNA Consultants’ genealogists and find the stories that make you unique.

    Examples of research questions

    What is my father’s matriline (mother’s mother’s mother etc.)?

    Do I have Jewish ancestry? What are the names and places of origin?

    What is my relationship to (famous historical figure) in my family tree?

    Is there any lost money owed to me because of a legacy?

    Can I join a federally recognized Indian tribe or nation? Why not?

    Our Expert Team

    Donald N. Yates, Ph.D.
    Dr. Donald Yates is the Founder, Principal Investigator and Chief Scientific Officer at DNA Consultants. Residing in Longmont, Colorado, Dr. Yates is renowned for his contributions to forensic science and genetic genealogy. His extensive background includes genealogical research, archives management, and corporate communications. Of Cherokee-Choctaw-Creek and European-American descent, Dr. Yates has published extensively on Native American ancestry and rare haplotypes traceable in world history.

    Jacqueli Finley Jacqueli Finley is Forensic Genealogist and Assistant Investigator. A distinguished professional genealogist and author, she brings over 40 years of experience to your casework. Based in the greater Los Angeles area, she is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and adheres to the ASG code of ethics. Jacqueli specializes in uncovering hidden family histories, connecting clients to their roots across diverse time periods and locations, including Civil War and Colonial history, DNA analysis, and heraldry. Her expertise extends to researching English, Scottish, Irish, Italian, Jewish, medieval, and royal/aristocratic lineages.

    Douglas D. Schar, Ph.D.
    Dr. Douglas Schar is our historical consultant, writing the occasional blog post and contributing significantly to everyone’s understanding of crypto-Jewish history. He manages the site Hidden Jewish Ancestry and works on projects like making the Alien Rolls of London better known, highlighting the migration of Sephardic Jewish families to England and America.

    Susan Levin
    Susan Levin serves as the Senior Associate Investigator at DNA Consultants. Based in Florida, Susan is integral to our genealogy reports and collaborates with our statistics consultant and web designer on special projects. She specializes in administering the addition of American Indian tribes to forensic population pages and has a wealth of experience in genealogical research.