Basic World DNA Fingerprint Test

Basic World DNA Fingerprint Test

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Our new Basic World DNA Fingerprint Test is a value-priced version of our flagship product DNA Fingerprint Plus. This mid-range choice is “just the facts.” Like the full product, it examines standard locations on your whole-genome DNA used in the forensic sciences and gives you a comprehensive picture of your ancestry based on all your ancestral lines. The time depth is historical, not ancient (200 – 500 years).

The report states the investigators’ conclusion to testing up front and summarizes your principal ancestral lines in a sentence or two.

It then lists your top 50 world populations (including potentially 60 North American Indian tribes, notably Cherokee, as well as Sephardic, Ashkenazi and other Jewish matches, Romani/Gypsy and other exotic groups). It goes on to break out your top 20 countries of Europe (including the latest additions, Ukraine and Armenia). You also receive your unique, identifying DNA fingerprint with lab results showing your 15 standard alleles.

Once you order we send you a trackable sample collection kit the next day, free shipping by FedEx to a U.S. address, or pay for another method of your choice. Return your samples in the free Business Reply Envelope included in your kit. Your sample is analyzed according to standard STR scores, also called CODIS markers, your individual DNA profile. Your 7-page report is delivered to you in a PDF within three weeks of receipt of your sample by our lab. Hard copies, upgrades and follow-up testing are available, along with open-ended customer service to answer all your questions, M-F 9am-5pm Mountain Time.

This is a non-chain-of-custody test and cannot be used for legal or administrative purposes.

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The DNA Fingerprint Test can be taken by anyone, regardless of gender. This is ideal for women, who cannot otherwise test their father’s line without a brother or other male to take the sex-related Y chromosome test. It is not confined to just your two “outside” male-male or female-female lines (which many believe make this autosomal test more practical and accurate).

This also makes the DNA Fingerprint Plus ideal for situations where relatives are deceased or unknown (as in adoptive families). DNA Consultants’ method is a forensic-based approach, unlike other companies such as, FamilyTreeDNA, and 23&me. Results will vary because of the method and data used.

No other companies have data, for instance, for individual countries of Europe, Native American populations or such specific populations as Romani/Gypsies, Cherokee Indians, Melungeons, Israeli Jews, Sephardic Jews, Ukrainian Jews, Majorcan Jews and others.

To check the current list of populations, go to All Populations.