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Basic American Indian DNA Test

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Test your DNA to see if you have significant American Indian ancestry.

500 Nations is a familiar phrase. The diversity of New World peoples is large. Our method searches for 15% of that number. It is the only such test on the market.

Most DNA testing companies have data on only about 20 or fewer North or South American Indian populations, of which only a handful are U.S. tribes. None is in the East. We have STR data for over 60 American Indian populations, including 3 Cherokee groups, one of which is Enrolled Cherokee from North Carolina.

Insufficient data on Native Americans long hampered both geneticists and genealogists. Finally, a major study addressed this failing with 29 separate American Indian tribes representing a diverse gene pool containing about 1,000 alleles (variants).  Added to DNA Consultants’ existing American Indian populations, our database now has over 60 American Indian tribes you could possibly match. Included are Cherokee, Apache, Chippewa, and, Lumbee, and Mexican and South American Indians. It is the most complete forensic database for American Indian population study.

Tribes and Nations Included in Test

Algonquian Indians

Amazonian Indians

Andean Indians



Atocpan Indians

Belem Amazonians

Brazilian Indians

Cherokee Indians

Chihuahua Indians

Chippewa Indians

Choctaw Indians


Cochimi Indians

Cora Indians

Cree Indians

Creek Indians

Cucupa/Cocobah Indians

Cuetzalan Indians

Diegueno Indians

Dogrib Indians



Guatemalan Mestizo

Guerrero Mestizo

Hualapai and Yavapai Indians

Huichol Indians

Huichols – Durango

Huichols – Jalisco

Huichols – Nayarit


Kichwa Indians

Kiliwa Indians

Kumeyaa Indians

Lumbee Indians

Mayo – Sonora

Mexicaneros – Durango

Miwok Indians

Mojave Indians

Muskogean Indians

Native American – Michigan

Native American – Minnesota

Native American – Northern Ontario

Native American – Saskatchewan

Native American – Florida


Ojibwe Indians

Orinoquian Indians

Otomi Indians

PaiPai Indians

Paraguayan Indians

Raramuri Indians

Salishan Indians

Seminole Indians

Seri Indians

Sioux Indians

Tarahumara Indians

Tepehuanos – Durango

Yuman Indians


If you receive a high match to one or more of these your report will include a Deluxe Native American Certificate listing your tribal affinities in ranked order. You also receive a result showing where American Indian appears in your top megapopulations, plus an ethnic analysis panel revealing whether your parents passed to you any of the markers known as Native American I and Native American II.

If you already provided a sample for STR testing, save money and only purchase the “Update/Upgrade” version!

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Once you order we send you a sample collection kit the next day. Free shipping by First Class domestic mail, or pay for another method of your choice. Return your samples in the free Business Replay Envelope included in your kit. Your report is fulfilled within about three weeks of your sample’s receipt at the lab.

Tribal Populations Doubled, Enrolled Cherokees among Those Added (news announcement, July 27, 2018)

Cherokee Unlike Other Indians (blog post, May 28, 2018)

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Rare Genes from History Update: Among the matches are the Amerind Gene, Atzlan Gene and Cochise Gene.

Consider ordering Genealogy Services to document your American Indian ancestry!

This is a stand-alone product including a DNA test and can be ordered by itself. It reports only American Indian matches, not your full ancestry. Once you receive your test results you may upgrade to the full product with the Mid Upgrade. To order the full product to start with, including other American Indian matches and markers, world and megapopulation results, an ancestry map and certificate, and your top countries of Europe, purchase a DNA Fingerprint Plus or Native American DNA Fingerprint Plus.

Disclaimer: This is a forensic DNA test based in part on publicly available tribal American Indian data published in J. Ng et al, “Native American Population Data Based on the Globalfiler® Autosomal STR loci,” Forensic Science International: Genetics 24:e12-e13. This is a non-chain-of custody test and cannot be used for legal or administrative purposes. It does not yield percentages of ethnicity. Note that no DNA results are accepted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs to claim membership. Your Native American ancestors may be very far removed generationally or their genes are too weak to register statistically. Your results may or may not confirm expected ethnic composition, family history or genealogical determinations. Alone, no DNA ancestry test may be used to prove identity, biological relationships, nationality, citizenship, immigration or tribal enrollment.



This review is from: BASIC AMERICAN INDIAN DNA TEST – 15% OFF

I got your Jewish test a couple of years ago that showed I had Jewish alleles. I have a Native American 10th great grandmother who was a member of the Mohawk Tribe. I'm wondering if one of your tests (preferably a cheaper one) would show this ancestry?

By Gail Hardy

No Canadian Indigenous people in your DNA Test Offer

This review is from: BASIC AMERICAN INDIAN DNA TEST – 15% OFF

I was excited to see the Native American DNA test until I read which ones were included. My husband's brick wall is on his maternal side with his Grandmother's story of 100% Claim of Canadian indigenous connection. Unfortunately his mother died in 2005 and we have no DNA information on her. We have mtDNA which is N1b1b1 from FTDNA. I have also been at RootTech this year and was advised to try 23&Me. Comments would be appreciated. Saundra and Kirk Ashley

By Saundra


This review is from: BASIC AMERICAN INDIAN DNA TEST – 18% OFF

Hi, I'm interested in knowing which tribe I come from. I have matched to Powhatan and I don;t know how. I was also told we my family are Creek. Could I be from Hawaii? I heard that once. I'm interested in knowing which tribe of Natives I come from. Which test do you recommend for me? My cousin James Walker has done this test and recommended it. I am not working during Covi, keep that in mind and my DNA data is already on 23&me, Ancestry, and Family Tree . I can be reached at 646-342-6984, please call to help me know more. Thanks! Sibrena

By Sibrena Geraldino