On the Trail of Europa


Journal by Donald N. Yates of travels through Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey in the summer of 2011, with photographs of Rome, Venice, Verona, Ephesus and other sites. The author comments on the emerging society of the European Union and takes notes on ancient ruins of the Mater Magna or Great Goddess cult. The author and his wife spend time with an Italian friend at her remote farmhouse in Soave wine country and take a cruise from Venice to Greece and Turkey with ports of call in Dbrovnik and Bari.

First sentence
“To know the origins of Europa one may as well start by inspecting her genealogy. This goes back to Io, after whom the Ionian Sea is called. The trail leads back to Asia Minor or Turkey, Canaan and the island of Crete…”

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Turkey (6:59)
Bari Shore Excursion (5:23)
On the Trail of the Goddess in Northern Italy (10:00)
Casa Colorada:  Glass Studio of Francesca Bortolaso in Verona (5:02)
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Naples on the Green Line (1:55)
Burano (3:06)
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Last Day in Venice (3:48)
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