Cherokee DNA Studies II (audiobook)

Cherokee DNA Studies II: More Real People Who Proved the Geneticists Wrong (audiobook version)

Phase III of DNA Consultants’ Cherokee DNA Studies adds more than 50 new participants to what has become a classic project. They’d all been told there was no way they could be Indian given their DNA haplotype or mother’s direct line. This book underlines the unavoidable conclusion that most “Indian” lineages in Eastern North America originally came across the Atlantic Ocean, not over any land-bridge from Asia. Update your priors with this sweeping attack on “big box” companies and know-it-all experts. Includes historical Cherokee photographs, genealogies, graphs, charts, references, raw data and index.

“Revolutionary.” (Stephen C. Jett, Author of Ancient Ocean Crossings)

“An intellectual adventure of high color and importance!” (Dr. Douglas Schar, author of Thirty Plants That Can Save Your Life)

Cherokee Amazon review

Amazon Review


1 Opening
2 Introduction: 32:46
3 Chapter 1: Mixed Results 50:42
4 Chapter 2: Ragusans, Croats and Turks 58:04
5 Chapter 3: Revisiting Haplogroups 39:53
6 Chapter 4: Scandinavians, Polynesians, Phoenicians, Berbers and Egyptians 51:19
7 Chapter 5: The Ancient Indian Nationd 51:53
8 Chapter 6: Iztacan and Oghuzians 46:38
9 Chapter 7: The Odin Gene 51:30
10 Chapter 8: Croatan Indians and Others 42:57
11 Chapter 9: In the Kingdom of the Apalachites 59:41
12 Chapter 10: The Jewish Strain 39:29
13 Chapter 11: The Invention of the Cherokee People 53:58
14 Chapter 12: The Finnish Connection 24:06
15 Epilogue 13:16
16 Close :22
Total length 10 hrs. 16 mins.
© 2021 Donald N. Yates
Production Copyright Donald N. Yates 2023