Cherokee Clans

Cherokee Clans (download)

Notes on the seven Cherokee clans, their history, famous representatives and traditional strengths, as first published in Ancient American magazine.

Cherokee Chapbooks #2
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Cherokee Clans and Their Strengths
Wolf Ani-Wahiya Elders, teachers, warriors, beloved men and women
Bird Ani-Tiskwa Speakers, heralds, news bearers, messengers, singers and dancers
Deer Ani-Kawi Runners, ball players, clothes makers, tanners and intellects
Twister Ani-Gilohi Workers, priests, teachers and keepers of ancient lore, storytellers
Wild Potato Ani-Gotewewi Keepers of religious customs, writings and games, scribes
Panther Ani-Sahoni Medicine people, magicians, herbalists, fire keepers, cooks, sorcerers
Paint Ani-Wodi Doctors, hunters, peace chiefs, keepers of history and prophecy, masters of protocol and diplomacy, music and ceremony



DONALD PANTHER-YATES was born in Cedartown, Georgia, and earned a doctorate in classical studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is the author of a new history of the Cherokee people, Old World Roots of the Cherokee (McFarland, 2012) and other works on American Indians. He lives in Colorado.