A Memoir of Chief Two White Feathers

A Memoir of Chief Two White Feathers

Record of interviews with a Middle Tennessee spiritual practitioner from 1996 by Donald N. Panther-Yates. 36 pp.

“Paul Russell (Two White Feathers) is a spiritual healer, herbalist, principal chief, storyteller and teacher, ceremony chief, conjurer, traditional grass and straight dancer, keeper of seer traditions, amateur astronomer and geophysicist, painter, leather worker, jeweler, mechanical engineer, computer programmer, third-level Midéwiwin Lodge priest, flue and drum maker, songwriter, singer, composer, recording artist, stone carver, potter, mask and mandela maker, knife maker and gunsmith, bow and arrow maker and woodworker/carpenter.” —American Indian Religious Traditions:  An Encyclopedia, ed. Suzanne J. Crawford and Dennis Francis Kelley (Santa Barbara:  ABC-CLIO, 2005), vol. III, p. 1043.

Cherokee Chapbooks #3.

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DONALD PANTHER-YATES was born in Cedartown, Georgia, and earned a doctorate in classical studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is the author of When Scotland Was Jewish (with Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman), Old World Roots of the Cherokee to appear in 2012 from McFarland Publishers and numerous articles in American Indian studies. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona.